I was looking for a breed of dog that was medium-sized and capable of withstanding a Canadian winter without a man-made coat. I did not want a dog where the breed standard called for ear-cropping or tail-docking and I did not want a dog with a tail that would sweep the coffee table clear. When I was at a dog show in the spring of 1988, I came across a TT named "Scruffy" - she was adorable and I knew I had found the breed for my young family. With incredible luck (only now do I realize how incredible), I found a puppy that would soon be available ... that was Pepper, Am/Can Ch Harrowdene's Ceasar's Tsha-Dho. He quickly endeared himself to all who met him. Not only was he my first TT, he was also my first show dog and we had a lot of adventures. He achieved both the Canadian and American conformation championships by time he was 18 months old. We were on our way to a Canadian CD and had attained one qualifying score when a Doberman decided to attack Pepper during a long sit .... after that "stay" and even "wait" was not in his vocabulary when he was in the ring ... but he loved "heel" - so much so that he did most of it on his hind legs.he  
As with most TT owners, we soon felt that we wanted another so the search was on again. We met up with Winnie Wuesthoff at the 1990 TTCA National Specialty in Ohio. A couple of months later, out of a litter co-bred by Winnie and Linda Bell, we were able to get Mukhi. She quickly took over the whole house and got us to do her bidding. Always first and foremost a family pet, Mukhi was also a great show dog and an even better mom and then grandmom. She finished her Canadian championship with a group placement. She won the Futurity at the TTCA National Specialty in 1993 over some very stiff competition.

After falling in love with Mukhi's type, we decided that we would do only Lamleh breedings with her. After Mukhi finished her American championship, she headed off to the whelping box. Her first litter was in 1994 and her last litter was in 1997. Several of her children were also shown and she became an ROM in Canada. Some of her other children have achieved success in the obedience ring.

Our philosophy is to breed healthy dogs who are true to the standard, paying attention to retaining type and to preserving the unique gait of the TT along with producing dogs with stable, pleasing personalities. To this end, all puppies are raised in the middle of our busy home, getting accustomed to normal household activities.

All dogs used in breeding are tested and certified by OFA (hips and NCL) and CERF (eyes).

girls from Mukhi's first litter

 Mukhi as a 3-month old